The Multimedia Management Module (4M) Campaign Manager from ATS

September 15, 2017
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September 15, 2017 Parik Seth

Organizations that run high-volume customer engagement operations need sophisticated systems to manage their day-to-day operations. They also need an efficient confluence of processes and tools that allow for specific customer segmentation and targeted message delivery.
Because the strategy for contacting your customers with relevant and timely communication – in order to elicit the desired outcome – involves complex actions such as the use of multiple mediums, delivery tracking, customer response, and gauging the intensity and initiation of the next event based on the previous outcome.
The Multimedia Management Module (4M) from ATS does exactly all of the above. Quite a while back, we developed a modular platform to strengthen our internal operations and to improve delivery to our clients.
The good news is, rigorous testing of the platform based on actual user experience helped as scale it up for commercial use.
The multimedia management module (4M) from ATS is a back-end campaign management tool used to design and implement complex reach-out strategies. Multimedia Management Module
The 4M module gives our customers the capability to design multiple campaigns and seamless execution on millions of transactions, every day.
And now, we’re excited about bringing our 4M platform to you for your own operations as you’ll be able to design multiple campaigns and run seamless execution on millions of transactions every day.

4M ensures you are able to reach-out to a large customer base –

  • In a programmed manner,
  • With the right content,
  • In the sequence you want,
  • And within a pre-specified time, limit.

Key Features of the 4M Campaign Manager from ATS

Multimedia Management Module


Create Segments Using Customer Base Variables
Create customer segments from your customer database based on value, days past due, customer’s last response, last contact date, etc. You can use the inputs from analytics to create various customer data segments.
Design Rule-Based Customer Outreach Plans
You can design a unique treatment plan, and define mediums to be used for customer contact, content, intensity of attempts and time period for completing all activities. You can even define rules to take care of the previous campaign’s outcomes.
Create and Save Treatment Templates
You can templatize your outreach messages to access them for similar situations. The templates are extremely efficient for organizations that have large customer databases with people who need the same treatment, repeatedly.

You can even save templates for dynamic emails and SMS content.
Support for Multiple Outreach Mediums
4M can be integrated with various reach-out mediums. For example, a user can choose between a dialer, Voice Blaster, SMS, and E-mail. Other mediums can also be configured as required.
MIS and Dashboards
4M gives you access to various reports for tracking campaign performance and results. For example, an undelivered SMS or an email will be counted as “failure”.
These reports are used as analytical inputs on customer behavior and are helpful in sharpening portfolio analysis and customer reach-out strategy.
Integration Support
ATS provides all the support you need to integrate 4M within your existing dialer and infrastructure.
As we’ve mentioned earlier, 4M – as a module and as a component of our technology platform – has been rigorously tested and is highly customizable within all our clients’ existing infrastructure.
Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our offering. We’ll be very glad to help you out!

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