Retail Collections

Our Retail collections expertise has been built over the years. We handle all retail banking products such as mortgages, auto, two-wheeler, durable and unsecured loans, and credit cards.

Our success in collections is largely predicated on our capability in risk analytics and technology, which enables us to develop appropriate collection strategies as well as to monitor the campaigns.

The customer centric collection process starts way before the due date on identified accounts which are at the rick of bounce. Using our experience and technology, we customise the process of collection

For further improvement in collections, we work on the customer base where the current month’s EMI payment bounced. We establish customer connect along with highlighting the payment benefits. From push notifications, re-debits, alternate payments we provide the assistance to improve the payment experience.

Customers who have not paid one of the past EMIs, stabilized accounts of the Bucket 1. we have AI and driven treatment with segmentation. Data is identified as early bucket.

Customers whose current month ECS payment bounced. Inform customers about representation of ECS mandate to improve success rate/ collect online through net banking.

Collections Flow Chart

Our Approach

Data Analytics

  • Data is segmented in different portfolios doing the basic analysis. From setting out the KPIs measurement and past trending we initiate the benchmarking.

Reach out Plans

  • We design the customer reach for unique data segments and the Strategy is made for auto execution on customer reach out plan

Multimedia Engine

  • Customers are communicated through various communication channels with highly personalized content throughout the journey through the integrated, safe and secure platform


  • Our CRM is integrated with Dialer, SMS and payment gateways, allowing to create a digital trail of contacts attempts along with conversations logs and intelligently route inbound/outbound and IVR calls.

ATS Services Microsite

  • Each customer has personalized microsite (through which the real time customer behaviour from auto calls facilities to filed agent conversation is captured.

Quality Management System

  • In cases where the client is unsure of the debtor’s capability to pay we do a financial review and assessment of the debtor as the solvency of the debtor. This is extremely helpful in deciding the next steps with respect to the pursuance of a claim.

Automated Dashboards and Analysis

  • We have automated performance management system which consist of Operational, Analytical and Strategic Dashboards. Out team monitors and tracks the data behaviours if these are aligned with the organizational goals. These dashboards are the key factors for data treatments and strategy mending.


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