Insurance Retention

As in Insurance industry the cost of new customer acquisition is much higher than that of retaining the existing customers. As the costs of acquiring new customer is high, companies’ profits are in the persistency. ATS services which is founded by Banking Industry experts is consistent in delivering best-in-class customer engagement through Omni channel experience.

ATS services assist in designing and executing the E-NACH and SI registration for the customers pay on regular basis whoever not opted for Auto pay and Mandates. We also handle all mandate bounces from the sign-ups done through our campaigns/models created by us.

Our hyper personalized content strategy conveying renewal notifications to customers before renewal due dates through various multimedia communication channels along with provided human assistance where customer requires information and help on renewal of their policies.

The Framework of customer communication post due date using blend of digital reach-out, inbound, and outbound calls for customer engagements. The communication content focuses on the benefits illustrations via mid-term policy illustrations. The process includes the online revivals, health declarations and waivers.

Our Delivery Platform

Our Approach

Data Analytics

  • From setting out the KPIs measurement and past trending we initiate the benchmarking with the basic analytics.

Reach out Plans

  • We design the customer reach out plans for targets data segments and are set for auto execution.

Multimedia Treatments and Payment Gateways

  • Customers are communicated through various communication channels through integrated and secure platforms including payment gateways.


  • Our CRM is integrated with Dialer, SMS and payment gateways, allowing to create a digital trail of contacts attempts along with conversations logs and intelligently route inbound/outbound and IVR calls.

Quality Management System

  • We have our own automated system that evaluates calls and ensures continuity of performance though effective feedback mechanism. The tele-caller’s performance is monitored and evaluated and for operational consistence and continuous improvement.

Automated Dashboards and Analysis

  • We have automated performance management system which consist of Operational, Analytical and Strategic Dashboards. Out team monitors and tracks the data behaviours if these are aligned with the organizational goals. These dashboards are the key factors for data treatments and strategy mending.


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