Posted time March 15, 2023 Location Faridabad Job type Full Time

ATS Services Pvt. Ltd. – A twenty-two-year-old KPO focused on banking and financial services. We work with blue chip companies in providing solutions across technology, analytics and risk management.


Key Skills Required: Command over English language (both verbal and written), Good understanding of financial transactions specifically invoices, financial ledgers, balance sheets, company financials, ability to negotiate, familiarity with corporate communication protocols, should be persuasive and confident.

Compensation: Best in the industry, Fixed + Variable based on success (resolution)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Acknowledge cases received from partners
  2. All new cases assigned by partners are to be assessed as per pre-defined Post assessment cases are to be accepted / rejected. Reasons for rejection should be presented for internal discussion.
  3. Update all accepted cases on CRM and initiate collection
  4. Collection effort involves the following activities:
    • Contacting the debtor (tracing through internet required if debtor company is not contactable through the details provided by partner).
    • Establish contact with the concerned person in debtor company and apprise of the pending payment with supporting details provided by the creditor.
    • All communication with the debtor is to be done on phone, emails and physical letters (if required and approved internally).
    • Physical meetings with debtor on specific cases with prior approval on cost and travel
    • Resolution of debt is to be achieved amicably through discussion, persuasion, reconciliation, proper escalation and negotiations & settlements which are to be done in consent with the creditor.
    • Reconciliation of financial transactions with debtor as well as creditor to arrive at mutual agreement on the amount outstanding.
    • In case debtor raises a query / dispute the same should be clarified by sending an email to the sending partner who will further check with the creditor as required.
    • Escalation to business head / RM where response is pending from the partner
  5. In case the debtor is not cooperating to pay amicably the case should be referred to legal. This can be done only after taking client’s consent to do so along with approval on legal costs involved.
  6. In case client approves to go legal a summary of the case is to be prepared and shared with legal counsel with supporting details.
  7. Regular liaising with partners, creditor, debtor and internal legal counsel is required on all active cases till resolution or satisfactory closure of the case is achieved.
  8. Once the debtor makes a payment the same is to be acknowledged by the client. Collection manager is supposed to follow-up for confirmation of payment by the client / sending partner.
  9. As soon as the payment is confirmed to be received by the creditor an invoice is to be generated. Collection manager will liaise with the internal finance team for generation of invoice and send it to the partner after internal approval.
  10. Status update on all workable cases is to be done daily and maintained for internal/client
  11. Regular updates to be sent to individual partners for all cases under

Other Responsibilities:

 Prepare monthly / quarterly / yearly revenue projection for the portfolio under

  1. Achieve revenue targets agreed with
  2. Maintain cordial relationship with partners while liaising for
  3. All resolutions are to be achieved
  4. Prepare monthly dashboard


Performance Measurement Criteria:

  1. Resolution ratio of portfolio
  2. Timely action on all cases and adherence to the collection
  3. Timely response to all queries raised by partners /
  4. Maintenance (creation and submission) of portfolio reports and revenue target

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