How the ATS Services’ Field Management System Ensures Customer Delight

September 25, 2017
September 25, 2017 Parik Seth

Can technology, data, and analytics combine to deliver customer delight? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” from ATS Services.
Most often, however, this is not the case. While you get your pizza in 30 minutes, a pick-up from a financial institution is very rarely as smooth. How does this process play out though?

Imagine this Customer Engagement Scenario

Most of us who have ordered something online or have requested a home pick-up of documents are familiar with a scenario like this one. We receive a call from the concerned institution – let’s say a telephone company – who needs extra documentation to verify a new account sign-up.
Once the initial coordination has been done, you – the end customer – take all the necessary steps to ensure you’re available. You may have had to cancel your appointments or asked someone to pick up the kids from school because this concerns important documents that only you can oversee.
However, at the appointed day and time, no one turns up. Or even worse, the person responsible for the pick up is lost and you end up spending all your time coordinating directions with the requesting party.
The consequence of this scenario is usually frustration on all sides over wasted time. The added consequence is the loss of a customer who’s had a negative experience with your company.

Ensuring Customer Delight through Technology

Imagine turning the above customer experience around on its head.
Picture a scenario where your customer is more than just satisfied with the pickup; they’re actually delighted by the ease of coordination, the punctuality of the pick-up, and the minimal coordination effort required on their part.
But here’s the real kicker: the entire transaction – from call to pick-up – occurred within 30 minutes. This picture is completely possible and ATS Services can make it happen for you.
The entire process requires some of the following steps woven tightly together:-

  • Automated Resource Allocation
    Once a call comes in with a request, the closest resource to the customer is identified and dispatched by the system.
  • Automated Calling Ability
    The CRM-Dialler integration allows the field resource to call the customer as soon as the task is allocated.
  • Real-Time Status Updates
    You’re able to track when the call is received, when your field resource is on the task, when the pick-up has taken place, and what the customer feedback was, all in real time.
  • Data Security
    Data Security is a key concern in financial services industry, our system ensures minimal exposure of data while ensuring that details such as phone numbers and email ids are never visible.

Field Management Solutions by ATS

The Field Management System developed by ATS was built to achieve the tasks above with the end customer’s experience in mind.
Among its many features is the complete automation of critical tasks (e.g. field resource allocation) and ensuring the security of the customer’s data (the call is placed through the CRM which hides sensitive customer information).
We place the data in a controlled ecosystem and with very limited and secure privileges.

One of the most user-friendly features is that our Field Management System takes away all dependence on technological platforms. It isn’t built for devices; it’s built for browsers. As long as your workforce has a large screen phone with data capability (any make or operating system) you can start using the system the moment you decide that you want to use it!

Which all sounds really nice until you have to gut your existing systems to make room for new technologies. So it’s a good thing that we built the capability for our software to integrate with your legacy systems. And if that’s not what you want, the software can function independently as well.
Imagine a system so efficient, it sends your customer review ratings through the roof, because the smallest details of the cycle are taken care of within 30 minutes – just like your pizza delivery!
We’ve built just this at ATS for ourselves and our clients. Talk to us about how we can build it for you.

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