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Case Studies

  • Setup Pan-India centralized operations for tele-sales of Insurance products

    Business Challenge: A leading credit card company wanted to cross sell life/non-life insurance and other fee based products to its existing customer. It was a new initiative for the period when it was thought (2002-03) and the biggest challenge was closing the sale which involved collection of certain documents from the customers.

  • Evaluation, Procurement and Implementation of a Loan Management System

    Business RequirementIndia’s leading NBFC wanted to upgrade from a legacy system to a new advanced loan management system.

  • To build collection infrastructure for a Private Bank

    Business Requirement: One of the largest Private Banks approached us to work with them in designing and implementing an efficient collection infrastructure for their existing retail loans. Once implemented, the Bank wanted to move into retail lending with more products and in a more aggressive manner.



  • We started working with ATS Services in the year 2003. ATS Services worked with the SBI cards team to pioneer an industry leading online verification process that became the bedrock of our expansion and growth plans. During the course of engagement we launched many products and initiated many processes at ATS Services. The company maintained the consistency in results that was appreciated and acknowledged all throughout the region. The ...

    Paramdeep Singh
    Vice President
    Insurance, SBI Cards
  • We have worked on two projects with ATS Services in our technology area. The first consulting assignment comprised of an evaluation of our core system requirements and recommending the best system based on our need. A joint team of ATS Services and our employees developed an RFP, responses were reviewed and detailed technical and commercial discussions were held with the three most competitive quotes. ATS Services worked with us on clos...

    Sharad Agarwal
    Chief Technology Officer
    Religare Finvest
  • Our association with ATS Services goes back many years. Soon after we commenced business, we invited ATS Services to work with us to select and purchase an appropriate Loan system for our needs. ATS Services brought in the technical expertise and experience to assess available Loan Systems and identify the key functionality that we required. They worked with us to design an appropriate RFP, which was circulated to the top three loan sy...

    Kavi Arora
    Managing Director & CEO
    Religare Finvest Limited