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We work with our clients in numerous ways in terms of formulating strategy with them. The bulk of these relate to market entry, market positioning, as well as products delivery, following from the above. Our clients, banks and finance companies, who already have a market presence, come to us with specific requests for product design. Frequently, they do not have the expertise to design the policies and procedures to launch the product. We bring in our experience, both of the marketplace, as well as the credit dynamics to work with them to develop a product or products which meet their risk appetite, yield expectation and delivery capability.

Below are two examples of the work that we have executed in this category:

1. A client engaged us to define a differentiated strategy for Loans against Property.

Business Need: The mandate was predicated on the client’s perception of the systematic risk that was building up in the industry due to the purchase of this class of loans from existing large Direct Sales Agencies. These agencies, as a routine moved the customer to another lender over a period of time to maximize their revenues.

Business Challenges: To build a sizeable portfolio using the collaterals already on the ground built by the company, to eliminate or reduce systematic risk, to establish a customer base whose loyalty was to the lender and not anyone else and to ensure that there was higher revenue throw off from the product.

Solution: We worked with the client and assessed his branch network, existing customer profile as well as risk skills and appetite. After extensive discussions, we designed a product that was to be delivered from his existing branch network. The product was designed for the small business segment which was currently not being serviced; and had the pricing servicing capability in line with the risk being taken.

Benefit: The product was tested by a soft launch and has been a success. After the completion of the pilot phase, the client is expanding the product footprint. If everything goes as per plan, this product will become their most significant product.


2. A Private Bank approached us to ask us for an independent view on their proposed plan to enter the car financing market.

Business Need: A Bank with a large footprint in south India was keen to leverage its branch network as well as its customer base. They also were confident that many of their customers would prefer dealing with them over the other car financiers.

Process: We worked with the Bank to get a good idea of their distribution and network, as well as an understanding of their Branch structures. We also reassessed the current market for auto financing.
Subsequent to this, we went back to the client with a short note, which stated the following:
  • Auto financing was largely being done via auto dealers at the point of sale of the cars.
  • The decision was being made irrespective of any prior history with the financier.
  • Three Banks were dominating this business and these included State Bank of India, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.
Analysis: Given their national footprint and the volume currently being generated, it would be difficult for a regional Private Bank to compete with them in terms of size. Resulting from this the new entrant would also not get favorable terms from the auto manufacturers.

Recommendation: We recommended that the Bank not enter the new car financing market but focus on only financing used cars for its Branch customers.

Result: The Bank did try to build an auto franchise but abandoned it in six months’ time when the expected volume of loans did not materialize.

Case Studies

  • Evaluation, Procurement and Implementation of a Loan Management System

    Business RequirementIndia’s leading NBFC wanted to upgrade from a legacy system to a new advanced loan management system.

  • Designing Cross-Sell strategy

    Business Requirement: Our client, a leading financial services firm, had been registering robust new account growth. Since the cross sell volume was rather low, the business wanted to focus on their large customer base for cross selling a range of financial products.

  • Creating the credit policy and portfolio health indicators

    Business Requirement: The client wanted us to review the existing portfolio dynamics, credit policy and procedures with a forward looking bias to identify issues which impact credit quality of this portfolio.

  • Ensuring profits through a robust structure

    Business Requirement: Our client, a midsized Private bank, asked us to review their Mortgage credit policy and procedures to ensure that they were robust in supporting profitable and aggressive new asset growth.

  • Identifying underlying risks

    Business Requirement: The portfolio’s credit performance is excellent; however, the mix was changing as larger ticket LAP Loans were being initiated since the yields on these loans are higher vs. those of traditional Home Loans. Accordingly, the client was concerned about any systemic risk that may be building up in this portfolio despite the very satisfactorily portfolio performance.

  • Forecasting losses aided better management and recovery

    Business Requirement: Our client, a mid-sized Private Bank was incurring high credit losses in their loan portfolio. The management was unable to predict the monthly loss run rate and ascertain which segments within the overall portfolio were likely to contribute to disproportionately higher losses.



  • We started working with ATS Services in the year 2003. ATS Services worked with the SBI cards team to pioneer an industry leading online verification process that became the bedrock of our expansion and growth plans. During the course of engagement we launched many products and initiated many processes at ATS Services. The company maintained the consistency in results that was appreciated and acknowledged all throughout the region. The ...

    Paramdeep Singh
    Vice President
    Insurance, SBI Cards
  • We have worked on two projects with ATS Services in our technology area. The first consulting assignment comprised of an evaluation of our core system requirements and recommending the best system based on our need. A joint team of ATS Services and our employees developed an RFP, responses were reviewed and detailed technical and commercial discussions were held with the three most competitive quotes. ATS Services worked with us on clos...

    Sharad Agarwal
    Chief Technology Officer
    Religare Finvest
  • Our association with ATS Services goes back many years. Soon after we commenced business, we invited ATS Services to work with us to select and purchase an appropriate Loan system for our needs. ATS Services brought in the technical expertise and experience to assess available Loan Systems and identify the key functionality that we required. They worked with us to design an appropriate RFP, which was circulated to the top three loan sy...

    Kavi Arora
    Managing Director & CEO
    Religare Finvest Limited