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Enhancement of customer contactability

World-wide organizations are sitting on huge customer databases. However, organizations are not able to harness the potential of this gold mine because of the data quality issues such as old phone numbers, incorrect information, missing values, duplicate values, multiple values depicting same meaning etc.

Organized and current customer information is of vital importance from a regulatory (KYC), marketing, credit viewpoint, customer service and cross selling/upselling. Most companies rely on the customer to keep them updated on their whereabouts. We have noticed that over a period of time a significant number of customers no longer are contactable.

Through our insight developed with over 12 years of experience in customer engagement, we have developed a unique solution to significantly enhance your customer contactability. We achieve this by:

  • Taking the data and running it through our data enhancement routines. As an example this includes routines to update telephone exchange and locational prefixes, ensuring correct formatting of the numbers and many other such actions.
  • Design and run an extensive reach out campaign using a combination of multiple communication media - SMS, IVR, outcalling, mailers and physical contact as required by our customers.
  • All accounts remaining non contactable are searched using our proprietary processes. Scanned images of customer documents available with the client will be researched to enhance available data with the intent to locate the customer.

Validation on the contactable base will be provided to the client. The above process is useful for;

  • Regulatory KYC requirements contacting customers for required details such as PAN card number, passport, voter identity details or other information requirements.
  • Validation and contacting existing account holders for reactivation renewal and retention activities on their banking accounts, credit cards or Insurance policies.
  • For cross selling and upselling initiatives

Case Studies

  • Setup Pan-India centralized operations for tele-sales of Insurance products

    Business Challenge: A leading credit card company wanted to cross sell life/non-life insurance and other fee based products to its existing customer. It was a new initiative for the period when it was thought (2002-03) and the biggest challenge was closing the sale which involved collection of certain documents from the customers.

  • Winning back customers leading to better persistency

    Business Requirement: Our client, a leading midsized Insurance company, assigned us to design and manage a renewal campaign for lapsed policies, covering a customer base of approximately 300,000. Timeline was a key constraint as the client wanted to assess a meaningful impact in 45 days.

  • Forecasting losses aided better management and recovery

    Business Requirement: Our client, a mid-sized Private Bank was incurring high credit losses in their loan portfolio. The management was unable to predict the monthly loss run rate and ascertain which segments within the overall portfolio were likely to contribute to disproportionately higher losses.



  • We started working with ATS Services in the year 2003. ATS Services worked with the SBI cards team to pioneer an industry leading online verification process that became the bedrock of our expansion and growth plans. During the course of engagement we launched many products and initiated many processes at ATS Services. The company maintained the consistency in results that was appreciated and acknowledged all throughout the region. The ...

    Paramdeep Singh
    Vice President
    Insurance, SBI Cards
  • We have worked on two projects with ATS Services in our technology area. The first consulting assignment comprised of an evaluation of our core system requirements and recommending the best system based on our need. A joint team of ATS Services and our employees developed an RFP, responses were reviewed and detailed technical and commercial discussions were held with the three most competitive quotes. ATS Services worked with us on clos...

    Sharad Agarwal
    Chief Technology Officer
    Religare Finvest
  • Our association with ATS Services goes back many years. Soon after we commenced business, we invited ATS Services to work with us to select and purchase an appropriate Loan system for our needs. ATS Services brought in the technical expertise and experience to assess available Loan Systems and identify the key functionality that we required. They worked with us to design an appropriate RFP, which was circulated to the top three loan sy...

    Kavi Arora
    Managing Director & CEO
    Religare Finvest Limited